Sunday, 12 May 2013

Bloggo-mendation - Frank Howarth's Woodshop Blog

Welcome to my Bloggo-mendation!

This is the part of my blog where I like to briefly talk about other blogs which I enjoy. I'm not going to be writing these just because I can but because there are a ton of great blogs out there and if the one person who reads my blog recommendations visits that blog, then its got to have been worth it.

So today I'm kicking this section off with a recommendation to Frank Howarth's Woodshop Blog!

Frank Howarth's Woodshop blog is a blog to aspire to. Going back for near enough a decade, Frank has shared his woodshop adventures with a style in which I certainly haven't seen on a woodworking blog before.

Starting in October 2003 with the obligatory shop tour (Oh, how we love a shop tour!), Frank takes us through a virtual tour of the space which eventually becomes his basement shop. He briefly introduces us to each tool as its brought into the shop and shows us glimpses into each of his projects. Most likely his biggest project, the purpose built shop, is a woodworkers dream. What I wouldn't give for a shop like that!

Frank's all singing, all dancing purpose built shop.

Frank never bores you with a "how-to" but rather shows you what he wants to achieve and explains how he got there without any added fuss or drama. Its when Frank gets into entertainment mode that the blog really takes off. It starts innocently enough with his interactive photographs where you move your mouse over many a photo and the featured tool or project will follow your mouse around.

But then come the videos!

Anyone who knows about Frank, knows about his videos. These are superbly done and really entertaining. He uses magic (aka. stop-motion) to turn his tools into worker drones who willingly do as he commands. There is such a sense of order and calmness in his videos that you couldn't imagine Frank ever panic gluing a project together. Not with those magic clamps around anyway!

Frank, recently and deservedly, received a complimentary mention on mine and your favourite audio blog, WoodTalk online radio with Marc Spagnuolo, Matt Vanderlist and Shannon Rogers, about his segmented bowl. Click the link to check it out!

I don't personally know a lot about Frank but I do believe he is an architect, which probably accounts for his woodworking skills and attention to detail.

Thanks for sharing your shop with the world Frank!

Frank Howarth's blog and especially his videos well worth checking out. So, what are you still reading this waffle for?

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